Anna was born in Greenwich, Connecticut in 1978. She received a BA degree from College of Santa Fe, New Mexico and a MFA degree from Florida Atlantic University. Anna taught at Florida Atlantic University, Palm Beach State College, and the Armory Art Center. She currently lives and works in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. 

In Santa Fe, she studied art with student of Nam Jun Paik-Shelley Horton-Trippe, Michael Kessler, Nancy Sutor, Linda Swanson, and Rick Fisher. 

While living in Santa Fe, Anna met artists Robert Creeley, Susan Rothenberg, Bruce Nauman, Lucy Lippard, Barbara Kruger, Eve Ensler, Judy Chicago, Uta Barth, Paul Sarkisian, Jim Campbell, James Enyeart, Charles Ross, and Ron Prokrasso.

While creating a website for Charles Ross’ Star Axis, Anna learned about the precession of the equinoxes which inspired her current studies in 13 star-sign sidereal astrology. She offers 13 star-sign sidereal astrology charts, including the 13 star sign of Ophiuchus at Green Dragon Astrology. Recently, Anna was interviewed about her Green Dragon Astrology Readings on Australia RadioFM88.

Anna is passionate about earth-energy, Celtic shamanism, sacred geometry, symbols,  and light language. Also, as a shamanic astrologist, she does shamanic journeys and works with galactic energies as well as earth-energy grids.

Check out my blog: starlightcodeart.wordpress.com

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