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I’m forever grateful for these very special souls that taught me about my wholeness and sacred gifts!

Thank you!

  • Calista
  • Kim Wilborn’s Tree summit
  • Michael Dunning’s Yew Mysteries
  • Rory Duff
  • Saira Salmon
  • Kim Lovell
  • Holly Kim Wyatt
  • Madeleine Walker
  • Katherine Kinnie
  • Andrena Forrest and Jeff
  • Matt Pepper
  • Louise Carron-Harris
  • Jacyn Siebert
  • Sia-Lanu Estrella
  • Alexandra Wenman
  • Charlene
  • Aurora Kenchington
  • Lovisa Alvtörn
  • Tim Whild
  • Diana Cooper
  • Lisa Raven
  • Jaap Van Etten
  • Elen Elenna
  • Sue Coulson
  • Ingrid, shaman
  • Ingrid Elizabeth
  • Mano Mannez
  • Dirk Hertveld
  • Star Lion: Earth Pride group
  • Pippa
  • Pamela
  • Debbie Jordan-Mills
  • Peter Knight
  • All of Hamish Miller’s Friends
  • Dolores Cannon
  • Maria Wheatley
  • Gary Biltcliffe
  • Sam Perry
  • Alan Patrusevich
  • Dr. Slider
  • Taylor

Thank you to everyone that I have not met personally, you have shared your wisdom with me and for that I’m truly grateful.

Thank you to those of you that I have shared space with online or in-person! ✨💎🐬💀

You’re a miracle!


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