Monet painted my inner landscape.

When I see Monet’s paintings of Water Lilies, everything within me calms down. It is like he says, “I was here on the planet too, Anna.”

I feel like I’m being seen and recognized. He expresses emotions through color that are beyond words. His paintings mirror how I feel emotionally inside. He paints my essence. No other artist captures the map of my inner landscape.

Monet’s Water Lilies are like oxygen to me. …And not even realizing how much I need his paintings in my life. How much time I have been living without him, I look at his paintings and melt into the water lily pond.

He was born on November 14 and I on November 15 and we have a lot in common.

I visit my pond daily and look at the turtles and the lilies. I’ve spotted a few alligators in there too. I’ve often wondered if I could have a boat what it would be like if I had a studio boat. Monet had his pond with the bridge and he had his studio boat.

He paints the ineffable. His swirling purples and greens, highlighted with pink, capture the tree, mimics how I feel inside since, I recognize his emotional palette with the same combinations as they are seen in my works as well.

I remember reading that Kandinsky saw a Monet, and he realized that it’s not the objects, but the color patterns that make the painting and thus, he was inspired to create his colorful paintings.

Monet is timeless. He paints the eyes of the elementals and tree spirits.

I feel restless until I look at a painting by Claude Monet. It captures my inner landscape and mimics my emotions that are beyond words. I’m grateful to Monet for painting what he painted. For without him, I think I’d be lost as a painter.

He had the courage to express his emotional playfulness through color. I admire his courage to allow his imagination to be wild and free the way mine is.

I recognize his fervor and enthusiasm for the rhythms of light that bounce off the water and mirror the sky. The patterns softly glow and I am enraptured in the water lily pond.

I imagine myself wrapping my body around like a blanket with his long purple water lily paintings and if I could have every room surrounded with his colors and shapes I would be in bliss.

Water Lilies

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